Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Theres No place Like Home

      After 2 years, finally I have time to relax and enjoy a vacation...I really deserve to have one..After all those busy and tough times I have been to..It's nice to be back and bring those memories alive..It's so nice to see my parents again, my highschool friends and my bestfriend Joy, who is now a mother of my inaanak..Nichole. Enjoying with my love ones makes my stay worthwhile..
     Memories just wont fade away..It's a nice feeling to go home and have fun specially these summer..There is so much life in this place..And I'm proud to belong in these raise.. I'm proud to be Ivatan!! Thanks God!!

I would like to share my pictures during my vacation..It's a great memory..Its really nice to be back..

<-----@ Naidi, Basco

Kanyuyan Beach, Basco, Batanes

                                                                                                          @ Valugan, Basco Batanes

  <----@ Sabtang Port, Batanes

By the rivers of Mahatao, 

Lighthouse, Naidi Hills Batanes at Early evening


------> Ivana Church..

Batanes Facts and figures


The Island Province is strewn on a 4,500 square kilometers-expanse of territorial waters at the Luzon Strait and Balintang Channel, where the Pacific Ocean merges with the China Sea. The area is a sealane between the Philippines and the southern parts of Japan, China, Hongkong and Taiwan.  The islands are characterized by gently rolling hills, cliffs and black and white sand beaches. 

Batanes is about 860 kilometers (approx. 525 miles) from Manila in the northernmost tip of the Philippine Islands. Basco, the capital town is about 280 kilometers north of Aparri and about 190 kilometers south of Taiwan. 


Its area is about 230 square kilometers. The inhabited islands of Batan, Itbayat and Sabtang occupy an area of 209.30 square kilometers. The other islands are Dinem, Amianan, Dequey, Ivuhos, North, Mavudis and Siayan. Batanes has population more or less than 16,000. 


Wind and rain constantly sweep the islands, but the notion that it is constantly battered by typhoon is wrong. Batanes is blessed with cooler, balmier climate. It enjoys practically four seasons, the best one being summer (March -June). 


Batanes has six municipalities, 29 barangays and a lone congressional district. The six municipalities are Ivana, Uyugan, Mahatao, Basco, the capital and the island municipalities of Sabtang and Itbayat. 


The mother tongue of Batanes is Ivatan, spoken by 93.94 percent of the total households.


Visiting the island province is best during the periods from January to June. 


Batanes is served by Chemtrad (Tuguegarao - Basco) and Sea Air (Manila-Basco)

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